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Zero Logic

Zero Logic


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Zero Logic is a simple yet challenging math game where you'll try and reduce a Monster's number to zero using math guns. Each of the 6 math guns have a math operator such as + (addition), - (subtraction), x (multiplication) and ÷ (division) along with a number. Shooting a gun will apply the gun's number and operator to the Monster's number. So if you shoot a gun with "+10" on it, 10 will be added to the Monster's number. Plan ahead as a gun can only be fired once per level. Using fewer guns to bring the Monster's number to zero will give you a higher score. rnrn Choose to play either of two modes: Unlimited or Challenging 50 Levels.

Добавлено: 2016-10-21

Категория: Экшен

Сыграно 563 раз

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