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Jelly Slice Fun and simple, there is only ONE RULE: Slice the Jelly so that each slice contains only one star!...
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Zippy Boxes What's inside the Zippy Boxes? Help Piggy the key-keeper free his friends locked inside! Touch and g...
0 0   115   Новые игры
Sally BBQ Joint Cutting down trees in Canada is a very hard work. That?s why Canadian lumberjacks like to eat huge s...
0 0   131   Новые игры
King of Thieves Dodge traps and steal gold in this unique platformer. Introducing King of Thieves HTML5, the new gam...
0 0   178   Новые игры
Dark Lands Dark Lands is an addictive mix of an infinity runner fantasy horror game with a dynamic combat syste...
0 0   184   Новые игры
Doodle Creatures What happens if you combine an elephant with a flamingo? In Doodle Creatures you can find out as you...
0 0   209   Новые игры
Dragon Run Jump and Slide in this endless runner game. Avoid the obstacles and collect the diamonds and letters...
0 0   166   Новые игры
Disc Pool 1 Player Pocket all the green discs (and not the red discs). Drag on the yellow disc to shoot.
1 0   184   Новые игры
Honey Bee Try to located the colored cell by using the given visual hints. Click to select a cell.
0 0   186   Новые игры
PixZombies PixZombies is a Zombie Smasher type arcade game. Smash all the zombies and save the world!
0 0   160   Новые игры
Sweet Monsters Sweet Monsters is a 2D Endless parkour game. Players will have to use their skills to avoid obstacle...
0 0   149   Новые игры
Snack Time Little Waldy the wild boar needs to make preprations for coming winter. Move the acorns to the desig...
0 0   150   Новые игры
Amazing Grabber With Amazing Grabber, get ready for the goodies bonanza! Tap the screen to help Haru, the mischievou...
0 0   165   Новые игры
The Right Color The Right Color is a game inspired by the Stroop effect. You need to check if the name of the color...
0 0   144   Новые игры
Neon Jump Keep jumping on the beams. Use the arrow keys or swipe.
0 0   150   Новые игры
Ms Tapman Classic Ms. Pacman game. Eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts.
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Maya Golf Try to putt the ball in as less shots as possible.
0 0   197   Новые игры
Valentine Valentine game. Grab the tiles from the sides in pairs.
0 0   151   Новые игры
Famous Paintings 3 Click/tap on all the differences in Famous Paintings 3.
0 0   164   Новые игры
Daily Battleship Solitaire Find the enemy ships with the given clues. The clues are given for every row and column. Ships canno...
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