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В спорте можно бегать,прыгать, скакать, пинать, кататься на лыжах и на коньках. Заниматься гимнастикой и футболом. Гонять шайбу и бегать за мячом в американском футболе! Можно все и в спортивном разделе планеты Tleilax, только без изнурительных тренировок

Футбол Пинг понг Боулинг Скейтборд Баскетбол Гольф

Stick Cricket Straight Drive/ defend /let go = w or Up Arrow Cow corner/ Pull / Hook = A or Right Arrow Cut/...
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BasketChallenge See how many hoops you can get in a row before you miss and the game ends
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Super Decathlon 2012 Go for gold in 10 Track and Field events, including Shot-put, 100m Sprint and more!
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Gridiron Geezers Old legends skip arts and crafts at the rest home for one last shot at glory. Gridiron Geezers is a...
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Mini Golf Egipto Mini Golf Egipto es un juego estimulante y divertido para uno o dos jugadores. Juega a través de 18...
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Ping-it Mania Не дайте мячу упасть.
0 0   224   Пинг понг
Guy Doing Sports Guy Doing Sports is game made for Mochi July contest. You play though four different sports - hurdli...
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Long Jump Jump further than your opponents and beat their distance to become world champion
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Roll The Ball The Game "RollTheBall" - we play a lizard who likes to skate! Its an arcade based game, that we see...
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5 a Side Footy Like football? Or Soccer? Well get behind one of 5 players and score as many goals as you can within...
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Basket Ball The concept of this game is to throw the ball into the basket as many times as possible in 60 sec. I...
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Gravity Football EURO 2012 Become the Champion of the latest Euro Cup! Use any of the 16 qualified national teams or play a qui...
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TMS Twenty20 Cricket Bat a full game of Twenty20 Cricket
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Freestyle Snowboarding Can you avoid all the obstacles while showing off your moves snowboarding downhill.Use the mouse to...
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Mini Golf Shoot the ball into the hole. Use the mouse to aim and set the force used to hit the ball.
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Hoops Free Throw Challenge Basketball free throw tournament in 3D. Can you make it to the top tier of free throws?
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Old Man Fishing Style Catch as many fish as you can. Try not to let the timer run out. Every time a fish is caught will gi...
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Great Lake Fishing Catch as many fish as you can in this lake. Every time a fish is caught will give you points and the...
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Ping Pong Tennis Old ping pong game but in tennis version.
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Ashes Ciricket New flash cricket game.
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