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Escape with Amanda 2

Escape with Amanda 2


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Как Играть

Use mouse click for operating and mouse drag to moving objects. Click on the Amanda icon in the top right corner to open the Amanda chat screen, and type your message into the textbox bellow. You can text her full English sentences as well as asking her various questions. Don't forget the question mark for the latter. And keep it simple... she's just a dumb android... :)

Об игре

Try this unique dual-character escape puzzle, sequel to the successful 'Escape with Amanda'! You not only have to find and move objects but talk to your companion (Amanda, the android) in order to solve this fancy little puzzle and help the starship captain find his way out!

Добавлено: 2012-11-13

Категория: Приключения

Сыграно 680 раз

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