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Unbalanced Platformer

Unbalanced Platformer


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Как Играть

Game Controls: 1. Move left/right: A/S keys or Left Arrow/Right Arrow 2. Jump: W key or Spacebar or Up Arrow

Об игре

This is actually just a very generic and simple platformer game. And have only one level. But unfortunately, this game is made by a very lazy programmers. He is too lazy to balance the level. So, it's now your turn to do his job and also complete the only one level in this game! Game Features: 1. Extremely high replay value... Yeah no doubt about it, as you'll replay the only one level again and again. LOL 2. Two game modes: Normal & Hardcore mode. 3. Cute one eyed creature. 4. Shiny deadly spikes. 5. A lot of pink thingy. 6. Maximum frustration and boredom. 7. err... 8. Only one level... Heck, how many times I said about that?

Добавлено: 2012-12-15

Категория: Экшен

Сыграно 656 раз

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