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Vampire Hates Zombie

Vampire Hates Zombie


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Как Играть

Kill the zombie by push button "S" then release it near the zombie, you will dash the zombie and the zombie will be dead. And save the vampire kid, maximum vampire kid can be picked are 2, so after you pick 1 or 2 vampire kid you can bring them to the "DOOR" on stage.

Об игре

Once a day, there are live Vampire And Zombie, at first, they're a family, but since no more human lived on that world, cause most of human infection be a zombie. Vampire isn't have more person on it, zombie always try to kill zombie, they want dominate the world by kidnapped the vampire kid. So as a vampire father should to survive their kid.

Добавлено: 2013-01-14

Категория: Экшен

Сыграно 719 раз

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