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TenTrix TenTrix is easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. Simply Drag the blocks, and fill up all gr...
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Mr Flap Say hello to Mr Flap, the little square bird that'll make your head spin! How far can you get?
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Llamas in Distress Use gravity powers to save your llama friends!
0 0   454   Новые игры
Jack & the Beansteak: Gold Rush How far can Jack climb? Collect as much gold coins as possible while you dodge the obstacles on the...
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Pinball Classic Pinball game. Use the arrow keys to control the game or drag and tap on the screen.
0 0   522   Новые игры
Daily Checkit Everyday a new puzzle game: Check it. Every row and column has exactly 3 marks (V). Marks are never...
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Daily Heggies Daily puzzle game in 2 degrees of difficulty. Draw a single line that connects all cells.
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Glow Catch Catch the bubbles with the correct side of the square (same color) by rotating or moving it.
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Daily Shikaku Create rectangles and squares on the screen. Each rectangle may only contain 1 number and should con...
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Connect 10 Connect numbers and add them up to 10 in total. For example 8+2 or 6+2+1+1+0.
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Frenzy Farm The animals have gone crazy on the farm. Try to escape from them. Use the arrow keys or tap on the s...
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Daily Same Game Every day new Same Game Puzzle challenges in different sizes and degrees. Can you remove all colored...
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Daily Sokoban Everyday a new Sokoban game. Push the boxes onto the goals.
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Fairy Word Search Find all the hidden words on the grid. Drag to select a word.
1 0   525   Новые игры
Daily Trees and Tents Daily classic logic puzzle game where you have to place Tents next to Trees. Read the in-game help f...
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Main Power Try to get a single connected power network by rotating grid squares.
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Crosswords Complete the crosswords. Select the correct letter for the empty spots to create all valid English w...
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Alice in Wonderland Collect the keys to open the door to the next level. Use the arrow (keys) to move and the space bar...
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Mango Mania Tap to jump and try to collect all the Mangoes. Pick up the diamond to open the door for the next le...
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Crack the code A mastermind game against a computer opponent. Can you crack the code?
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